Our History:

From 1994 to 2012, Guy Huguet, founder of Ambiances des Alpes, a lover of outdoors and nature, became designer and creator of high quality scents. Picking up the torch, we carry on creating perfumes along the same line.

Working closely with the best perfumers of Grasse, we create elegant fragrances that bring the sweet and joyful scents of childhood alive.

Each fragrance is produced according to strict guidelines designed to optimally extract from flowers, plants and scented woods.

The fusion of local material with with the “savoir-faire” of Grasse perfumers cntribue to create an inimitable palette of fragrances.

Our Collections Include:
Simplement Naturel
Ambiances des Alpes

Our family of Products:
Scented dices
Scented bunches
Scented candles
Home fragrances
Essential oils
Scented soap

In all of our products, you will find three key ingredients – the freshness of a bubbling stream, the inviting feel of green nature and a touch of warmth and friendliness.

Our Vision:
Carefully created by French Craftsmen, we endeavor to capture the essence of nature and the feel of wide open spaces in all our fragrances, while guarding against the risk of using ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.

Our soaps are made by Craftsmen from Manosque and our perfumers by Craftsmen from Grasse, known the world over for their talents and expertise in creating fragrances beautiful and elegant, light, clean and airy.

Since the beginning of our journey, we’ve aimed to respect nature and the environment, and have worked towards using only the finest natural materials in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our collections are created around the concepts of getting back to nature, of feeling the bliss and well-being that can only be experienced during a stroll through a park on a warm summer’s day.

- Ambiances des Alpes – fragrances inspiring you memories of the great Alps!
- Simplement Naturel – thid collection make you feel in harmony with the Mother Nature.

Another benefit of our collections :
For each scent a souvenir ! As you release the fragrance into a room, you will experience a sweet feeling of escape from the hustle and bustle of busy city life into a slower paced, natural existence where you can experience the simple pleasures of life.

The universe of Ambiances des Alpes - real expertise and experience, is made exclusively in France and recognized throughout the world for its elegance, grace, charm, beauty and simplicity.

Ambiances des Alpes. Experience it today !